The French open the 2nd major of the year played in clay started in 1891. it became an open in 1968 and in 1981 was named the Coupe des Mousquetaires in honor of the four french players that won the trophy during the early stages of the tournament, the article is limited in giving details of the history of this event and is focused on the possible winner of this year’s event and in particular Nadal’s emergence as a phenomenon. The tournament was won by great players on multiple occasions during the open era with the leader being the swede Bjorn Borg 6, Matts Wilander, Ivan lendl and Gustavo Kurten had 3, several others had 2, not even before did any player have so much as 10, Max Decugis a frenchman had 8 between 1903 and 1914.
Rafael Parera Nadal burst into the scene as a teenager in 2015, and won his first title on his first attempt he was nineteen years old although, the youngest player to win the french open Micheal Chang, at seventeen years and three months old, is a record that still stands.

Nadal’s accumulation of this particular trophy is unique and no tennis player male or female has won 13 in any surface, more than 140 players had won at least a major(simple calculation 4 majors each year by start of the amateur era factoring in multiple winners in a season) only 4 men(Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Sampras) has won more than a total of 13 yet he has won 13 in one surface, he is rightly regarded as the king of clay and legitimately the greatest player that has ever played on clay, the greatest sportman from Spain according to marca (a country that has produced great sportsmen in abundance Gasol, Alonso,Ballesteros,Iniesta or Xavi)he has even won the most grand slam titles, if the French open decides to rename this major Nadal it cannot be preposterous.
He will always be a favourite to win t(his) open, he is currently the pepperstone atp leader although his form on the clay season has been low in comparison to his lofty standards, no masters title, he had won all three plus the french open in 2010.


YearMonte CarloOthersMadridRomeFrench Open
2005Won Won- hardWonWon
2006Won  WonWon
2007Won  WonWon
2008WonHamburg- Won  Won
2009Won  Won 
2010Won WonWonWon
2011Won   Won
2012Won  WonWon
2013  WonWonWon
2014  Won Won
2017Won Won Won
2018Won  WonWon
2019   WonWon
2020    Won
2021   Won 

Incase he decides not to win his tournament so that others can have a chance(seriously considering age, injury and a decline in form nothing lasts forever he may not win) there are some few that will fancy their chances.

Djokovic the best player in the world image source atp

Novak Djokovic, the best player in the world Nadal regards him as a player that will win the most majors, he is the defending champion and the second best player on clay, he has 2 french open titles and 11 masters. He will fancy his chances.
Carlos Alcaraz.

Spain ‘s brightest propect since Nadal image ES

the new kid on the block, the leader in the masters category with victories in Miami and Madrid he also won in Barcelona, had already defeated both Nadal and Djokovic and Zverev on clay making him the first since Nalbandian in 2007 to beat the top three seeded players and win a tournament (both happened in Madrid) he has the game to go all the way.
Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The Greek great image french

He came agonisingly close last season surrendering a two set lead in the finals, he is the most consistent player on clay this season with two clay masters finals winning monte carlo.He has nothing to fear.
Alexander Zverev

Alexander the great, he has amassed multiple masters title can he go all the way?

the best of the rest, he has won in clay before and can go all the way if the top dogs are knocked out, his experience and talent can take him far, he also has a chance to reach number one ranking in the world if he prevails.
In life uncertainties abound and this tournament can throw up an unexpected winner. history is against a champion from America, the last time it happened was in 2004 the argentine Gaston Gaudio won before nadal’s reign.non of the current active players from that continent can go all the way, Africans or Asians are not even close. from the unknown probabilities Rublev or Ruud, the italians, Spanish and French players are within a chance even if it is a slim one. Anything can still happen when Chang won in 1989 very few saw it coming.


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