This great club needs to return to its glory days and fast. The dynasty which sir Alex built taking him to the top of British football with such dominance and the club to the most EPL titles -20(he won an astonishing 13) in Europe, he won the winners’ cup and then the champions’ league twice, one of a select few that won the treble.   in his own words when he told the guardian, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their  f.. king Perch and you can print that. Domestically, this was hisdriving motivation. since after that achievement and retirement in  2013 Manchester united the pride of England has regressed, failing to win a single premiership title since then even after spending huge on players like Manchester city.

United’s wasted effort

Manchester city (current EPL champions, also winners in 2014,2018 and 2019), Liverpool (2020 EPL Champions, they won the champions league recently in 2019)and Chelsea (current European and world club champions, EPL winners 2015 and 2017)have led the charge since after his glorious exit and surely a competitive analysis must start from their success. A lot can be learnt from their noisy neighbours or from their perennial rival Liverpool especially if it is on spending less and wisely and still achieving so much or they can take from the Abramovic playbook; the more changes in coaching personnel the more trophies accumulated.

Liverpool are able to snap potential players from relatively smaller clubs, buying at affordable prices to fit into a long strategic framework and integrating them seamlessly into the team to complement and increase team productivity, their technical director Michael Edwards  had a very successful stint he was able to recruit Jota and then Diaz from Porto these are classic and recent examples, while watching them play you get the impression that the midfielders are primarily recruited to contain the opposition, clean up the mess  and provide  a  physicality to enable them compete against any opponent and also provide a defensive shield(they also have flair and skills)a relentless work ethic of the highest quality. This set up provides the threesome upfront the absolute scope to unleash their ruthless offensive best on the opposition, PSG needs to understand and implement this model to enable them conquer Europe. Interestingly, some months ago the three top scorers on the premiership chart were Salah, Jota (a success story) and Mane. The trio`s goal scoring success is just the second time that a club has players in premiership history with at least 15 goals.

Liverpool are  also capable of providing a master stroke in spending good money for an upgrade that will impact the team immensely when the need arises take for instance how they needed to plug the leakage in defence, Alisson(56million pounds) and van Dijk(75million pounds) was drafted in 2018 and they won the champions league the following year. For City, Pep has been able to work his magic on a conducive environment provided by technical director Txiki Begiristain, he moved from barca, with a blueprint which has been tried and tested over a seven years spell (2003-2010)at the Spanish club. this collaboration has been effective and the systematic recruitment of players making them the dominant team in England. They have a stranglehold on domestic cups from 2013, if you add the league cups won 6 and 2 FA cups and the unprecedented win of all the domestic trophies in a single season in 2019. Yet another milestone plus winning the league with the highest point accumulated -100points an English record.  For United unsurprisingly dumped out of the champion’s league (the only English club not to progress to the quarter finals) with Jamie Redknapp aptly described their recruitment process in comparison to City as Manchester united have created a team and thought about the players to make it. United have thrown money at the team and hoped to find a team. It’s not working. could also take a leaf from the Chelsea team that have been able to achieve success with so much managerial chaos under Roman`s reign having 13 managers in 19 years and still been able to win trophies consistently, it surely is no luck or accident. United`s youth and academy has also been left behind unable to produce talents at a consistent pace and quality like before. Although their FA youth cup win is a sign of progress.


This season Man city, Liverpool and Chelsea were in the champions league quarter finals with two of them in the semi-finals and one of them in the finals, the other one that did not reach the last four, won the competition last year. Domestically their impact is evident, Liverpool and Chelsea competed in the carling league cup final won after a keenly contested affair both were only separated after 21 penalty kicks, and City had won the last four editions. All three were in the semi-finals of the FA cup with one of them guaranteed to win it. Patrick Veira`s crystal palace will find it impossible to stop them. Again both finalists were Liverpool and Chelsea and again Liverpool won on penalties.


The temporary appointment of Ralf Ragnnick was a sensible idea, Chelsea had two interim managers Roberto di Mateo, he won the champions league in 2012 and the following year the other interim boss Benitez, won the Europa league .Even if it does not bring trophies but he is widely regarded as the godfather of modern German football and credited with the development of gegen pressing which is used by Klopp, he  has also influenced Hasenhuttl, Tuchel, Nagelsmann and other managers. This will serve as a springboard to some extent in improving cohesion, productivity and teamwork lacking in the united team as well as a transition for the incoming manager. They have several core players that the team can be built on while the rebuild is on course. Like the top teams they now have a technical director. The three English clubs have Klopp and Tuchel both germans and Pep a Spanish that has worked and acquired very useful knowledge from Germany.  after the Real Madrid domination of the champions league, from 2019 until date a German coach had won it. Logically it made sense to appoint Erik Ten Hag a Dutch but like Pep, had also worked in Germany with Bayern Munich just like Ancelotti-Madrid`s manager that will compete with Klopp for this season`s champions league title.

He will take up this difficult assignment with a stability that has been consciously set up and if he can manage the boardroom politics, ego of super stars in the dressing room, recruit more quality players while also imposing dynamism and a winning mind-set surely that will see United get back to the top.


In England winning the league  had required at least a PPG of 2.39  Liverpool even came second with a league high 97 points which in most cases could have been enough even this season`s winner will not reach that number of points.

but these three clubs have raised the bar Mourinho`s Chelsea (2005), Pep`s City (2018 and 2019) and Klopp`s Liverpool (2020).

All-Time Premier League Winning Teams 1992-93 to 2019-20

1992-93Manchester United4224126673136842.00
1993-94Manchester United4227114803842922.19
1994-95Blackburn Rovers422787803941892.12
1995-96Manchester United382576733538822.16
1996-97Manchester United3821125764432751.97
1998-99Manchester United3822133803743792.08
1999-00Manchester United382873974552912.39
2000-01Manchester United382486794138802.11
2002-03Manchester United382585743440832.18
2006-07Manchester United382855832756892.34
2007-08Manchester United382765802258872.29
2008-09Manchester United382864682444902.37
2010-11Manchester United3823114783741802.11
2011-12Manchester City382855932964892.34
2012-13Manchester United382855864343892.34
2013-14Manchester City3827561023765862.26
2015-16Leicester City3823123683632812.13
2017-18Manchester City38324210627791002.63
2018-19Manchester City383224952372982.58
info from Sports lens. All the premiership winners.

If Manchester united can set up a building process for future dominance, patience will also be required, her rivals at the top will also rebuild their teams for maintaining success, its either an inevitable diminishing returns sets in or United’s level is high enough that is, maintaining or increasing the PPG to take them atop irrespective of whatever all her rivals are capable of. Such as being the increase in standard although, it may be more difficult because of the emergence of state ownership like Newcastle`s new owners, more multi billionaires and increase in TV revenue but surely it is still possible if the club commits to the right plan and focus on actualization. Sir Alex has done it before; the club has what it takes to deliver.

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