Can Manchester City win the champions league and the treble?

Can City win the champions league? if they can it will be their first time of reaching the pinnacle of European football making them the twenty third team in Europe and the sixth from England. It is possible, but very difficult.Sportumentary will provide an in-depth analysis of what needs to be done for Pep’s team to make history.

They have made progress since their change of ownership in 2008, Manchester City have grown in leaps and bounds, so good and indomitable, it is now a subject matter on how to beat Pep’s City, only a select few has produced such excellent results consistently, in England, United comes to mind. City have taken significant steps, they are now the dominant side in Manchester finishing above United since sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, precisely ten years ago, no mean feat, they are the defending premiership champions and are poised to add another title making it 5 titles in 6 years plus an epic all Manchester Derby FA cup final in Wembley which they are favourites,  if they win both trophies and then the champions league-the treble, they will equal United as the only English club to have achieved such feat.Winning the champions league will put them firmly on top at the elite level with all entry fee paid for, the only silvareware missing is this title, that nearly tag banished forever.The most important title of them all. This is what all the great sides have.It will extend England’s European record of having the most clubs with the champions league trophy from five to six, the closest is Germany(Bayern Munich,Hamburg and Dortmund)Italy(Milan,Inter and Juventus) and Holland(Feyenoord,Ajax and PSV) with three each with Spain(Real Madrid and Barcelona) surprisingly sharing two with Portugal(Benfica and Porto). it will tie them with a title just like Aston Villa.

Historical hurdle

The most significant historical hurdle which was pointed out by Sportumentary was that the winner of any final between teams from the same country is simply the team with more champions league titles, a trend in victory, this challenge will not be tested this season,  the major hurdle will be the dearth of debut winners.


Since inception debut winners were almost winning as frequently as possible until the late 90s, It dropped exponentially in the 21st century, Chelsea are the only winners. it is this obstacle that this amazing City side will need to overcome to be crowned champions 

City have reduced the gap in Europe.

In Europe, Burlusconi’s Milan was the benchmark for radical club transformation under wealthy Owners which yielded success with lots of silverware, City does not need to search further in time or location the recent trophy laden Abramovich era has made Chelsea a genuine model for City. They also provided a crucial lesson after ending the longest title drought in history between debutant winners in 2012 which was 15 years Presently, it is the eleventh season without a new winner.For Chelsea,they were able to overcome the odds, they built momentum conquered England before turning their sights towards Europe both also have similarlties in having wealthy owners. City is copying well, Chelsea has shown that a club can transform from mediocrity to champions at all levels and City domestically, for the last 20 years in England have been the most successful team and like Chelsea will take this confidence into Europe with so much expectation, so far they have been able to close the gap and this season are unbeaten in Europe and can take on this enormous task starting with real Madrid with hope despite a disadvantage as regards pedigree. The blues has created a path, before they reached the champions league semi finals in 2012, they had been beaten debut finalist, a loss to Manchester United and had other semi final appearances. in that winning season, they had Spanish giants Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich all were multiple winners and prevailed. City have taken a similar route,were first time finalists losing to Chelsea and have reached other semi-finals before now and like Chelsea, they have the same predicament Real Madrid and the Italian giants A.C. Milan and Inter Milan. in both cases they played the Spanish defending champions in the semi finals.

Indeed City’s chances against history is exciting, if they win the most difficult assignment in European football, defeating Real they will face  high level Italian opposition either of Milan, the second most successful club in this tournament or Inter another difficult side, champions league winners in 2010, the Nerazzurri went on to win the treble. in the absence of any treble winners since Bayern Munich in 2020, Real at least are the current champions league, la Liga and copa del Rey winners even if it was not all acquired in the same season. they have all three in their possession. Pep has won a treble in 2009 with Barcelona and has what it takes, City cannot be short on motivation they have several trend setters as opponents.

They have been very solid this season, in terms of the quality of opponents played so far, they have had slightly the most difficult, it shows their adaptability.They will also require some elements of luck like Chelsea did in 2012, both in the semi finals and finals, The Blues had Barcelona and then Bayern Munich missing penalties within 90 minutes even playing with a man down at the nou camp. City has already defeated 3 of the best German teams including Bayern in style and will take some confidence from the fact that Leipzig beaten 7-0 were the only side to inflict defeat on real Madrid this season. with luck which most champions have added to their ability everything is possible.

Battlefield: A breakdown of the semi finalists 

In all the departments of the game Manchester City is by no means an underdog but hardened and battle ready they are most bookmakers chioce to win the title even if they are the only side without it, their squad experience and depth is enough for this challenge.

Ederson can stand tall amongst all the goalkeepers.  

Ederson is the equal to Courtois,it is true that he is second choice to Alison at Brazil but most keepers will, he has not reached the Belgian’s height at this tournament but this season may just be the right time. he has been dependable, has conceded the fewest number of goals just four in ten games better than Courtois, Maignan and Onana. he also has an edge in ball distribution with his feet and an assist with him defense can be turned into attack.

City are better than the famous Italian defence.

City have the best defensive record of all the semi finalists and have had a dress rehearsals on what to expect from real Madrid at last season’s enthralling semi finals and the experience will put them in good stead for this adventure, tiny margins will play a huge factor but hardly will they be regarded as greenhorns, apart from the Madrid attack if they reach the finals the Italians cannot give them sleepless night on their day.

City can win the midfield battle

Real Madrid from the remaining sides  has a slight advantage, they still have Modric and Kroos. the greatest midfield in recent history were provided by Madrid and Milan(which included Ancelotti) with both the only side in the past 40 years to win at least two titles in succession but the Spanish giants are in transition in between, those great midfielders nearing their decline and reinforcing a new set of stars, so far the transistion have been fine but weaknesses are evident. 

City and Real have a fearsome Attack. 

Recent winners of the champions league have done so with very outstanding players giving them an edge Messi for Barca, Ronaldo for Manchester United and real Madrid, Lewandowski for Bayern and now Benzema for Real Madrid and even Vinicius. City have been able to optimize young and deadly norwegian Haaland, the best striker in the world, the current highest goalscorer in the champions league and in England in fact, his debut season has produced more than 50 goals. He will give them that extra dimension to unlock and unsettle teams trying to stretch themselves. again both City and Real are superior in this department.

Coach Pep against the Italians.

Pep’s rival coaches with the exception of Ancelotti are relatively inexperienced, Pioli like Pep and Ancelotti won the champions league as a player, Siemone Inzaghi like City, is searching for a title, but all four as players have won the European super cup.  As manager, Pep’s most difficult challenge is against Ancelotti both have won this tournament a multiple times, in Europe the Italian has gotten the better of him at crucial stages of the champions league. Pep managed to get his first win against him in the semi final of last season’s first leg encounter winning 4-3,  failing to capitalise and finishing them off, he had several two goal lead advantage in the match an opportune time to put the game to bed, he also blew another chance in the second leg despite leading by a lone goal  scored in the 73rd minute, even in the 89th minute they still had a two goal lead on aggregate. they imploded within minutes conceded twice and lost in extra time. In their first European meeting also in a semi final with Pep at Bayern, they lost both matches, in the return duel in Germany trailing by a lone goal from the first leg they conceded four unreplied goals. notably, in both losses Ancelotti went on to win the champions league with Real Madrid. Pep surely can glean from this painful lessons unlike when he won several matches against Ancelotti when the Italian was in Everton, in all the European encounters which includes this third semi final meeting, the quality of both sides is very high and similar, so Pep has to get his tactics spot on and anticipate a relentless surge of offensive play if City have the lead. composure more than anything is needed. if they cannot defeat the Italian over both ties then he should forget about another Italian assignment and the dream will have to wait for another season but the treble may not be possible so soon.

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